Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Selection of copper nozzle welding wire gas and confirmation of focus

Oct 09, 2022

I. The use of copper nozzles

The classification of copper nozzles is mainly distinguished: whether to feed wire, the size of the welding wire, the welding angle, as shown in the figure above, for an example, the inner corner wire feeding welding 1.0 welding wire uses AS-12 cooper nozzle.

II. Selection of welding wire

Depending on the differences of the welding plate, we need to use different welding wires (gas-protected solid cored welding wires)

Stainless steel = stainless steel welding wire  e.g. ER304

Carbon steel / galvanized sheet = iron wire

Aluminum = aluminum wire(As for aluminum welding wires, we recommend using more than 5 series of series of alloy aluminum. Because its hardness is high and not easy to get stuck.)

III. Gas selection

There are two kinds of easily seen nitrogen or argon. As for welded stainless steel, we recommend using nitrogen because that welding effect is better. But be sure do not use mixed gas or nitrogen dioxide gas.

Air pressure requirements: the flow meter is not less than 15, and the pressure gauge is not less than 3

IV. focus

Usually, 0 joule welding is used (0 of the scale tube does not mean that the focus is 0, which is affected by the laser. So we’d better be subject to the actual situation)

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